Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord: Photosynthese

Roy Kerckhoffs, Barry Kerckhoffs

ISBN 978-0-557-35064-3

USD 20.00

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord in Germany is an out-of-service steel production plant, in which nature is allowed to reclaim territory. Since 1994, the park is open to the public and is known for its colorful lighting at night, but this book aims to show the beauty that exists in the human-made concrete and steel structures contrasting with soft organic forms from nature. A particular beauty exists in this tough environment. The park as a whole in its new form can be described as a "Gesammtkunstwerk". A large installation, such as the blast furnace, is made of many small parts, each of them substantially important for the complete process. The various parts and details such as valves, gears and steel elements make up the building blocks of the installation, yet the local flora is reclaiming the area. These elements have been transformed into still lifes and tell the story of the plant's past function and its current interplay between decay and growth. Therefore, this book exhibits photos of the whole and the details. The book contains English, Dutch and German text.